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This is the website of Brenda Radabaugh, author of the following books:
  • NONfiction -"I Met Satan in the Cemetery"  - A true story of sin, evil and the paranormal in Preston County West Virginia. (first half of my memoir)
  •  "Ghost Valley Farm  - The chronicles of a West Virginia deer hunter.
  • "Abnormal Grace"  - A West Virginia murder goes haywire.
  • "Bars and Scars"  -  How a WVU student becomes a serial killer 
  • After 3 years of intense consideration, I have decided to give my readers what they wanted, and write part #2 of my memoir.  This book will include the second part of my life, as well as a 'special'  section on  paranormal experiences of myself and others ( I was an underground paranormal investigator for 14 years).  It will be very interesting! There will also be a 'special' section on child molesters , how to find out who molesters are, and how to help the victims of child abuse.  During my interviews of people in the area where I grew up, I was told about many child molesters there. Yeah, it's interesting huh? :)

Paranormal:   For those of you that are interested in the paranormal, please feel free to get in touch with me.  After being a paranormal investigator for 14 years, it is one of my favorite topics to discuss.  If you are having any kind of paranormal events happening to you and need help, I will help you if I can. I have never charged anyone for my services. Email me if you have a problem or know someone that needs help.

     Would you like to learn how to be a paranormal investigator? I am looking for an apprentice.  I am retiring from the work.  Email me if you are interested.

Speaking engagements: If you would like me to come and speak to your class or group just email me at:  I do speaking engagements on the paranormal, child molesters, and marriage/life issues.

On this webiste you will find all the information that you need on my books and book signings. Please see below what "B & D Publishers & Services"  may have to offer you. If you have wanted to write a book and want to get it published, see services below.

"Bars and Scars" - (How a WVU student becomes a serial killer )  

Synopsis: Jared was a shy boy from the southern part of West Virginia where he lived with his mother and brother of whom he loved very much.

When Jared came to Morgantown to be a WVU student, he was just another student and a stranger from out of town.  He got a job at Archie's (like a lot of other students) to help him pay for his expenses.

He had dreamed of getting a degree at WVU in criminal justice. He knew that with this degree his whole life would change and he could have the job of his dreams. He also planned to help his mother and brother financially because life was tough for them.

Jared also wanted to do something else he had always dreamed of.  He wanted to be a serial killer!

"Abnormal Grace" - (A West Virginia murder goes haywire)

Synopsis: This book is about a West Virginia woman who inherits a farm that her grandparents raised her on. She watches her grandmother talk to ghosts in the house but, grandpa didn't know. Now that both of them are dead, she is alone.

She is single and loves to date men she meets online, but only for one reason. She has nightmares that won`t go away of a bloody rope that hangs from the neck of her beautiful black horse. She goes to the mall, not to shop, but to record the voices that are in the food court. She watches "To Catch a Predator" on TV and is sickened by the man with the whipped cream and a cat.

She struggles to survive every minute she is alive. She is comforted only by the availability of suicide. She knows there is a God because she has met Satan. She cries out to God while she lays in the pouring rain, but gets no answer.

"Ghost Valley Farm"
(The Chronicles of a West Virginia Deer Hunter)
Synopsis: This book is fiction, however, it is based on true characters that I personally know, and believe me I know deer hunting!  It will have you laughing and crying. This story can only happen in "redneck" country where they eat Moon Pies and Vienna Sausages!
Mr. Dillon Crutchfield retired early, before he was sixty years old. He had always wanted his own farm. He went out with the intention of getting just what  he wanted and wouldn't settle for anything less.
When he was settled in on the farm of his dreams, he was looking forward to spending his first deer season with his two hunting buddies, and an old woman that they hired to cook for them during deer season. As the first long and snowy West Virginia winter approached, he planned for their visit and hunting expedition. 
With his hopes high and his plans well thought out, he could have never expected what was to come. On his little farm in the valley, his life was about to be changed forever.
"I Met Satan in the Cemetery"
(This is a TRUE story of evil, sin and the paranormal in Preston County West Virginia.)
Synopsis: If you like to read about the REAL things that go on with people in the world and think you can take the gut wrenching TRUTH, this is the book for you.
This book shows the good, bad and ugly of real life.  Some of it  is so bizarre that it's hard to wrap your brain around it.  The sin, evil and paranormal events are seen in this place just like all the other places in the world.
It takes place in a rural area of the northern part of West Virginia. It is both shocking and heart breaking at the same time. 
You will have all of your emotions tested in this story of some people that go to church but live their lives wallowing in their own filth.
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